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3D ultra high pressure tank cleaning machine

Model No.:HP500
Operating pressure:150-500 bar
Flow rate:38-260 L/min
Spray diameter: 1~6m
Cleaning time: 6-12 minutes
Minimum opening of tank: 132mm

Ultra high pressure 3D rotary cleaner is suitable for cleaning vessels, reactors, autoclaves and tanks, in chemical industry,petrochemical industry, synthetic fiber industry, paper-making and food industry, coating industry and other occasions requiring ultra high pressure cleaning


HP500 high pressure rotary nozzle working principle and performance:
  •  3D ultra high pressure cleaning machine
    • Working Principle:

      The high-pressure cleaner drives the transmission mechanism to rotate through the principle of reaction force, and passes through reducer regulate rotation speed, realize revolution and rotation through the transmission mechanism according to the set trajectory,
      So as to form a 360-degree spray pattern to achieve complete tank coverage.

      Features & Benefits:

      • It adopts dynamic balance design to maintain stable rotation and swing under high pressure.
      • The speed and cleaning cycle can be adjusted steplessly, with a long service life.
      • Cleaning trajectory is uniform and dense, ensuring efficient and high-quality cleaning.
      • Unique nozzle structure design makes high-pressure water jet with greater impact force.
      • Powerful high-pressure water jet can efficiently clean stubborn dirt.
      • No need for people to enter the restricted space, greatly reducing labor intensity, improving the working environment, and avoiding safety hazards.


            HP500 high pressure tank cleaning machine is suitable for three dimension cleaning of containers, reactors, autoclaves,tank , such as chemical, petrochemical, synthetic fiber,paper and food industry, chemical raw materials, Coating industry and occasions requiring ultra-high pressure cleaning.


        Before & After cleaning effect:


Simulation of cleaning process of three-dimensional high pressure rotary nozzle tank washer:加油站油罐清洗站高压旋转喷头

旋转清洗喷嘴轨迹    加油站油罐清洗站高压旋转喷头


Video of Manufacturing:





Technical data of 500kg pressure three-dimensional high pressure cleaning nozzle:
Material 304SS,PEEK,EPDM
Operating pressure 100-500 bar
Recommended pressure 150-500 bar
Max. pressure 500 bar
Max. spray diameter 1-6m
Spray angle 360°
Max. working temperature 95°C 
Max. ambient temperature 120°C 
Rotation Speed Adjustable
Connection 3/4"BSPP (NPT thread on requst or customized)
Weight  14.5 kg
Min. tank openings 132 mm
Installation Can be installed in any direction

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