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DN rotary tank washing spray balls

Model No.: DN
Working pressure: 1.5-5 bar
Cleaning angle: 360 ° (180 ° can be customized)
Cleaning diameter: 2m
Minimum opening of tank: 49mm

Teflon rotay tank spray ball uses cleaning fluid for comprehensive cleaning and spraying. This series of cleaning balls are all made of PTFE and have excellent corrosion resistance, which makes them suitable for all industrial cleaning applications, including tank, enamel glass reactor cleaning, reactor, container, FRP and other containers with capacity between 10 and 226 m3, depending on the specific size and cleaning task
DN series tank washing nozzle working principle and performance:
 3D ultra high pressure cleaning machine
    • ①working principle:

      Using the force and reaction force of cleaning liquid to generate self-rotation.

      ②Design feature:

      Using the reaction force generated by the cleaning fluid to make the
      ball head rotate, spray ball adopts solid stream nozzles and
      scientifically arranged, so as to achieve 360° coverage cleaning, with
      concentrated impact force, and jet flow with vortex function.


Common Application:
DN series teflon rotary spray balls are driven by cleaning fluid. They are all made of tetrafluoro PTFE, which has excellent corrosion
DN series teflon rotary spray ball adopts slide bearings and is highly chemical resistant, which makes it suitable for all industrial cleaning applications, including enameled storage tanks, reactors, vessels,glass fiber reinforced plastics and other vessels with a capacity


④Teflon rotary spray ball commonly used matching: spray rod and flange, can be customized, delivery in 7-10 days

Photo of Teflon flange

Teflon spray nozzle manufacturer

Photo of Teflon spray rod


The flange spray rod is assembled as shown in the figure below:


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