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3D tank washing rotary jet nozzle

三维清洗头型号: DG8
工作压力: 2~70 bar
清洗直径: 8m
最小安装开口: 88mm

The cleaning angle of dg8 3D chemicaltank washing rotary jet nozzle can be divided into two options: 360 degrees and 180 degrees downward. This series of cleaners are designed with independent gear box and sealed separately. The service life of cleaning fluid without gear box is longer, and the cleaning diameter of storage tank can reach 8m.


DG8 3D tank washing rotary jet nozzle working principle and performance:
  •  3D ultra high pressure cleaning machine
    • ① high pressure cleaning machine working principle:

      Impeller is driven by cleaning fluid and drives internal reduction mechanism. Gear mechanism operates according to set track to realize the revolution and the rotation, thereby achieving 360° thorough cleaning.

      ②high pressure cleaning machine Design feature:

      Optimized structural design results in a water jet that produces greater impact
      Excellent sealing design, less than 3% leakage, thus saves cleaning fluid.
      Independent gearbox design protects gear from damage and can work in poor water quality
      Overall optimized design can reach the minimum passing diameter of 88MM
      Independent gearbox is designed with separate sealing, cleaning fluid does not pass through gearbox 


Common Application:
KLY DG8 rotary tank washer is suitable for 3D cleaning of small to medium sized tanks,vessel or machines. It is commonly used in beer industry, petroleum, beverage,fuel ethanol, chemical, industrial fermentation, marine and where a high cleaning performance is required.

Comparison of cleaning effect of three-dimensional can washer before and after cleaning:


Simulation of cleaning process of three-dimensional high pressure rotary nozzle tank washer:

旋转清洗喷嘴轨迹    加油站油罐清洗站高压旋转喷头


Our R&D Scale:

  Founded in 2010, the company has a large influence in the scale industry. The production workshop is 2000 square meters, the number of employees is more than 80, more than 50 CNC lathe processing equipment and processing center, as well as milling machine, drilling machine and other supporting equipment, and other supporting equipment specialized in producing tank cleaning equipment, with annual output value of more than 30 million yuan! Specializing in the tank cleaning product research and development, production and sales. The tank cleaning products from 0.1 cubic to 2000 cubic meters have been developed by using foreign technology for reference and absorbing and adapting to the needs of domestic market to innovate and improve.​   

  Keliying has been focusing on the field of automatic cleaning for more than ten years, and has designed automatic cleaning solutions for various working conditions with advanced technology, high reliability and high degree of automation. Over the years, keliying has won the support and trust of leading companies in the world industry with its professional product quality, ultra-high cost performance and excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.


Keliying intelligent equipment technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. participates in the industry exhibition every year, which is welcomed and recognized by customers from all walks of life!


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