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DG20-2 water jet tank Washing nozzle

Model No.: dg20-2 < br / > Working pressure: 4-30 bar < br / > Cleaning diameter: 20m < br / > Cleaning cycle: 6-12 minutes < br / > Minimum installation diameter: 158mm < br / >

The tank washing nozzle of medium and high pressure water jet storage tank adopts multi-stage planetary deceleration inside, the pressure runs smoothly, and the axial and radial directions rotate at the same time according to the set track, so that the 360 ° full coverage cleaning of the tank can be realized.
DG20 rotary tank washing nozzle working principle and performance:
 3D ultra high pressure cleaning machine
    • Working Principle:

      Impeller is driven by cleaning fluid and drives internal reduction mechanism. Gear mechanism operates according to set track to  realize the revolution and the rotation, thereby achieving 360° thorough cleaning.

      Features & Benefits:

      • Optimized structural design results in a water jet that produces greater impact
      • Excellent sealing design, less than 3% leakage, thus saves cleaning fluid.
      • Independent gearbox design protects gear from damage and can work in poor water quality
      • The rotating shaft and other parts are made of tungsten carbide, which has a longer life


            DG20 rotary tank washer is suitable for 3D cleaning of medium to large sized tanks,vessel or machines. It is commonly used in beer industry, petroleum, beverage,fuel ethanol, chemical, industrial fermentation,marine and where a high cleaning performance is required.


        Before & After cleaning effect:


Simulation of cleaning process of three-dimensional high pressure rotary nozzle tank washer:加油站油罐清洗站高压旋转喷头

旋转清洗喷嘴轨迹    加油站油罐清洗站高压旋转喷头


Video of Manufacturing:



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